EARPULLER | Authentic Music Born In The Jungle

Who are we?

Digital musicians with a desire to create unique, original, and authentic music. We explore sounds as a painter explores color, mixing, combining, experimenting to cover a sound canvas. Our musical exploration takes us well beyond the limitations of much of contemporary music.

Using a simple but effective digital studio we get together every Saturday afternoon to explore our creative energies, discuss philosophy, religion, or anything that comes to mind. The state of mind that results from our conversations is then expressed in our music. Every session brings another 2-hours of recording that is then processed into individual tracks.

On rare occassions, these tracks are untouched from the original recording with perhaps only minor adjustments to levels. Without an audio engineer manning the session our individual levels often need some adjustments after the fact.

Other tracks are worked on using the session's material to compose a coherent piece. A particular passage or phrase might be isolated and then laid into the piece in several locations lending a melodic consistency or theme to that piece. Other parts might be eliminated completely as the voice or phrasing doesn't fit with the overall theme of the resulting piece.

EARPULLER's music attempts to challenge the listener. There can be many layers to the music as well as open space for contemplation. While not composed in the traditional sense, the music created comes from some inner drive and flows naturally into compositions or lend themselves well to composing in post-production.

EARPULLER would like people to listen, critique what they hear, recommend favorites to their friends, or just listen to something authentic that diverges radically from what is considered popular music today.

Do you have a project that needs a soundtrack? Contact us and we'll see if there's something we can do for you!


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Samples of EARPULLER are currently hosted on SoundCloud